Sunday, 10 January 2016

Netflix in India

Netflix, a popular video streaming service in US, is now available for a one-month trial and then you will have to pay  Rs 500 for a basic package. This article covers What is Netflix, Prices of Netflix in India, How to use Netflix, Does Netflix in India has all the US content, Is there Indian content on Netflix, about Netflix broadband and Data,How does Netflix compare to Cable and DTH like Tata Sky,Competition of Netflix in India.
What is Netflix?
Netflix is the world’s top video streaming service that allows users to watch content on screens ranging from a smartphones to a smart television. It works with a variety of other devices like PlayStation and Apple TV, letting users stream directly onto larger screen. Netflix is also the creator of a lot of original, made for the web content, much of which is now in high-resolution Ultra HD. Netflix launched its services in India and 129 other countries on 6 Jan 2016. With the launch, the popular TV and movie streaming service now covers most of the world except for China. Netflix and other video streaming services are technically called over-the-top (OTT) entity.
Prices of Netflix  in India
  • Rs. 500 per month for access on 1 Single Device(SD) screen.
  • For Rs. 650 per month you can watch HD content on 2 screens at a time, and
  • Rs. 800 per month will get you 4K content on up to 4 screens simultaneously.
You can signup for Netflix via its website or the Netflix apps on , AndroidiOSWindows, and other platforms.
Users can pay using PayPal and credit card only at the moment,  unless you are make a purchase via iOS or Android and the store already has your card details.
The first month is free for all users. An initial fee of Rs 70 ($1) is charged during signup to authenticate the card. You have the liberty to cancel subscription anytime within one month and will also send a reminder two days before the free trial expires before it decides to debit the subscription fee.
The India pricing is virtually identical to that in the US, where Netflix’s Internet video streaming subscription rates range from $7.99 (Rs. 530 approximately) per month for 1 SD screen to $11.99 (approximately Rs. 800 per month approximately) a month for 4 HD screens, including a free one-month trial.
Why has Netflix come to India?
Slowing growth in the United States has put pressure on Netflix to grow internationally. India, with over 300 million Internet users and a potential 1.2 billion plus that could come online in the next few years , is being seen as its next big growth market. Before 6 Jan 2016 announcement, Netflix was available in North and South America, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and parts of Europe. On Jan 6 2016, Netflix launched its services 130 other countries including India, so now it covers most of the world except for China.
How to use Netflix ?
You can signup for Netflix via its website or the Netflix apps on , AndroidiOSWindows, and other platforms